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Sermon By Carolyn Iker

Manger as Metaphor: Musings in Advent     Today marks the beginning of Advent……the most wonderful time of the year according to the popular Christmas song…….if so, then why do many of us groan when the trappings of Christmas begin to appear…..”this again…….so soon?   As a season of the church year, Advent dates... Read More

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Sermon By Alison Brookfield

In preparing for this contemplative sermon this morning, two of the readings drew my attention – the words of Psalm 25 and the words of St. Paul in his letter to the Phillippians. This morning we sang Psalm 25 as the hymn Lord, I Gladly Trust. In this sermon, I would like to start with a few of the words from... Read More

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Healing Prayer

In Paul’s Letter to the Romans we heard today Saint Paul says, among many other things, we must “persevere in prayer”. I am not sure I would choose the word ‘persevere’ as it connotes a struggle and I would like to think our prayer life is much more than that. However, if Paul means we should continually grow in... Read More


What Do We Do In The Face Of Evil

While I have been a Priest for about ten years I have been preaching sermons for about fifteen years. This is because during my time of discernment and my years of study at VST I of course gave sermons on a fairly regular basis. I only mention this because in all that time I have never preached on the specific act... Read More


"It Is Good To Be Here"

As I was thinking about the sermon this week I was also feeling a little wistful. More on that in a short moment. In the Gospel today Peter and John and James are with Jesus on the mountaintop and they have, literally and figuratively, a mountaintop experience.   In the here and now they experience God and the... Read More

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Juanita - Guest Preacher - The Holy Spirit

Before Jesus ascended to heaven, He told His disciples that He would send one who would teach and guide all those who believe in Him. Less than two weeks later Jesus’ promise was fulfilled: the Holy Spirit came down from Heaven, playing an essential role in the part of every Christian’s life, from that day... Read More

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Mary: The Mother of Our Faith, By Deborah Foster

While we tend to celebrate Mother's Day with some gentle sentiment expressing affection and appreciation, the reality is that Motherhood is a full time demanding job fraught with imperfection, much love, much effort, many tribulations, and hopefully much joy. Support and help is always needed: Fathers,... Read More

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Faith And Suffering

In one way or another each of the readings today has to do with faith. In Exodus the Israelites who followed Moses to the wilderness were now finding themselves out of water and were openly hostile to Moses. They angrily challenge Moses asking him why did he bring them out of Egypt, “to kill us and our children... Read More

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Juanita Clark - A Strong Foundation

Have you ever noticed that things that you buy today just don’t seem to last? The purchase of my last sofa was a perfect example. In fact, the experience just about drove me crazy!   The first sofa I had delivered turned out to be defective. I then settled on a second, in a different style – which also ended up... Read More

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What Is A Blessing?

I start with a simple question to which I would deem there is no simple answer. The question is, ‘what is a blessing”? Or perhaps more specifically ‘what is it to be blessed’? The Webster’s Dictionary defines a blessing as, “God’s favour and protection and further suggests a blessing is the infusion of something... Read More