Anglican Prayer Bead Event

Hello everyone,

For the record, here is St. John's report on The Anglican Prayer Bead learning event.

Deborah, Madeline and I organized a co-delivered a very successful prayer beads workshop this afternoon.

I measured this event's success by the way things unfolded:

- 21 people registered; 2 cancelled... and 23 showed up!!

- participants were interactive and happy throughout the afternoon;

...everyone was eager to finish their project - several starting even before receiving instructions!

- I was not aware of anyone who left early (they all partook in 'praying the rosary' after the beading event)

- this was clearly a community event with 12 people attending from St. John's; 11 from the general community

(including those with Roman Catholic & Presbyterian backgrounds - we definitely pin-pointed a genuine need)

This was a great inter-faith event!!

From juanita