Midday Meditation & Prayer Group

A number of people have been asking me lately about contemplative prayer and meditation and how to get started in such a practice.  It occurred to me that a new contemplative group focusing on the beginning steps of prayer and meditation might be a good idea.

I am therefore happy to announce the new group.  It is called Midday Meditation & Prayer and as the name suggests it takes place at 1:00pm every Wednesday.  We meet in the Chapel area in the sanctuary.  While the group focuses on the beginning steps and basics of meditation and prayer, those who are at any level of experience are encouraged to join.  This is also be a drop in group, so if you cannot make every week, that is okay, just drop in when you can.

If you think you might be interested, please let me know.  I am excited about this new group and I hope you can join us Wednesday afternoons.

The Rev. Patrick Blaney