Leeann Price
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As you all know , we cannot offer our Tuesday morning Yoga classes at this time due to the fact that the church is currently closed to the public. The instructor of those services asked me to pass on these words from her to the participants of that class.  We will keep you informed as to when these classes will resume. Stay safe and stay healthy.    
                                                                                                                                                                        Dear participants of the Tuesday morning Yoga sessions:
Since the restrictions of the Covid-19 pandemic currently do not allow for our classes to take place, I hope that all of you are managing as best as possible at home. To support your own well-being, please keep up with some of the movements that we normally do as a group. 
Start with setting an intention for your practice and take deep cleansing breaths and then move onto rotating your joints and limbering up. Scoop up any doubts, worries, fears and ailments that you may hold within your body as you gently bend forward on the inhale and as you straighten up again, put these negative thoughts and feelings behind you on the exhale. Then reach out to pull in positive energy from the universe followed by circling your arms to create positive energy and release that from within your heart into the universe.
Trust in your ability to weather this storm and believe in healing energy to emerge. I am sending out positive energy to you and hope that we will be able to practice yoga together before long. Stay safe and be well. Namaste, Andrea