The Rev. Patrick Blaney
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Hello friends!

I am proposing we make a cookbook to celebrate St. John’s 125th anniversary which is March 26, 2024, and I need your help! Yes, we are a few years ahead but this will take time and it will be a fun, rewarding project for us to embark on!
At this point I’ve chosen a Canadian company that I know because I already have one of their cookbooks and their pricing looks reasonable.  (www.cookbook
Please email me up to 6 of your favourite recipes and a little anecdote to go along with each (this is optional) telling where/who the recipe came from and/or why it’s special to you.   (If your recipe is from another cookbook, magazine, website, etc.,  include the name or title and I’ll credit it below your recipe!)
Note that not all recipes submitted will be in the cookbook but I will try my best to get most in.  (I’m just trying to avoid too many multiple recipes of the same item)
The following categories are: 
1. Appetizers/ Starters
2. Soups, Salads, Sides
3. Mains and Meatless 
4. Desserts and Drinks
5. Baking (things that are multiples would go here ex. Cookies)
Although the timeline is flexible, I’d like to get all recipes emailed to me by July.  Please triple check and edit your recipe before sending to ensure accuracy.
Also, please tell me how many cookbooks you’d think you’d like to order so I have an idea how many to publish.  This will be a small fundraiser, so we are thinking they will cost approximately $25 each.  
Thanks so much,
Happy Cooking!