The Rev. Patrick Blaney
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The Easter Prayer Vigil is this Weekend, 7pm Saturday April 11 until 7am  Sunday April 12. All are welcome to take part!
You will find here the schedule for the Easter Prayer Vigil, as well as guidelines for taking part in the vigil. Anyone who still wants to take part, you are very welcome! Please choose any time-slot that works for you. 
7-8pm - Barbara T
8-9pm - Madeline
9-10pm - Margaret & Raf
10-11pm - Alison B, Leeann Price
11-Midnight - Gillian, Ann, Eileen
12-1am - Maria
1-2am - Yasmine
2-3am - Donna
3-4am - Kingsley
4-5am -  Kate
5-6am - Patrick
6-7am - Linda
Easter Prayer Vigil Guide
Please note: this Easter Vigil will be conducted in your own home
These instructions are for those taking part in the vigil, or those considering it.
- choose a comfortable spot to pray, free of distractions
- feel free to light a candle if it helps you meditate, but it is not required
- some use a rosary for prayer, others don’t - this is completely up to you
- if waking up for your vigil, ensure you set your alarm
- spend a minute or two breathing deeply and slowly, listening to God
Vigil Hour
- to maintain the continuous evening vigil, please start your prayer vigil by praying for the person/persons who prayed before you (you don’t need to know their name) - this doesn’t apply if you start at 7pm
- prayer can be aloud or silent
- your prayer over the next hour can be freeform, as the Spirit calls you, or it can be structured; if you prefer a structure, see the notes below
-  move if you need to - don’t sit in discomfort
- embrace silence during the vigil - sometimes the spirit calls us to listen
- continue for your full hour
Ending Vigil
- when your hour-long vigil ends, say a prayer for the person who is taking over after you - this doesn’t apply if you finish at 7am
- if you lit a candle, blow it out
- if applicable, go back to bed and sleep well
Prayer Suggestions / Structure
As you enter into the prayer vigil, consider praying for the following:
- your direct family - parents, children, brothers, sisters
- grands - grandparents, grandchildren, great-grands
- extended family - aunts, uncles, cousins
- chosen family - those friends who are as close as family - your pets, too
- everyone at St. John’s - name as many as you can remember, be gentle with yourself if you can only pray for a face because you cannot remember the name
- your work family, if applicable
- health care workers - doctors, nurses, care aids, scientists, etc
- first responders - fire, police, ambulance, armed forces
- victims of Covid-19 - those who are sick, those who are recovered, those who died
- everything that is weighing on your shoulders or troubling your heart
- victims of violence, terrorism, abuse
- everyone who is ill - name those you know who are in need of God’s healing
- loved ones who passed away but live on in your heart
- world leaders - mayors, premier, prime minister, queen, other countries’ leaders
- people of faith around the world
- the environment and the creatures who share our planet
- everyone taking part in this vigil, or vigils like it around the world
- feel free to add to this list
Thank you to Donna for organizing this!