Leeann Price
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It is a good time for us to update our FoodSafe 1 training while we have a break in preparing and serving food at the church. Whenever we have events, we need to have at least one person present who is current with their FoodSafe certification. Alison has been in touch with a trainer in North Vancouver called Peter Lee. He is a former health inspector and is available to provide the training to us in the lounge with a minimum of 12 participants. The 8 hour training will be as follows:
Friday, October 22nd from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm
Training includes a 1 hour exam at the end
You will receive a Workbook and FoodSafe certificate
Cost is $85.00 per student payable by cheque to Hospitality & Fellowship of St. John's. **Please contact Alison if you need assistance with the fee as there are subsidies.
Please register asap by emailing Alison at brookfield@telus.net with your name, and if you have taken FoodSafe before. A requirement of hosting this training is that participants email Alison or show her their vaccination passport in advance, and remain masked for the day of training except when eating or drinking. (excerpts from Bishop John's letter of September 14 If your community is planning a social event, indoors and in-person, which does not have a worship component, then there will need to be vaccine passport check before people come in. For meetings (Bible Study, Christian Formation events, Parish Council, Youth Group, other committee meetings), all in attendance must be masked. )
Feel free to invite a friend or others assisting in your programs if they need the training too. 
Photo: Kate Remmer via Unsplash