The Rev. Patrick Blaney
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As the season is clearly changing to Autumn, and I do love the Fall in Vancouver, there are a number of upcoming events that I would like to make you aware of, and some requests for help to make things run well.  Please do consider taking part in some of these exciting plans of ours.

Emergency Contact Number

My first request is an important one.  We have worked very hard at St. John's to keep our Church information up to date and available to all in our community.  From mail outs to those without electronic media, to our recorded Sunday Service broadcast, to Zoom fellowship time, weekly prayers and meetings we are connecting in many new ways. 

We have also vastly updated our Parish contact list, and this is where we need your help.  In the past months it has come up a few times where an emergency contact number would have been helpful.  By emergency contact number I mean the phone number of a family member or a friend who does not live with you.  For example I would give the phone number of my Father and not my spouse.  If for some reason something happened to you at church, or we lost contact with you for some reason, or if we needed to contact you immediately for contract tracing purposes and could not reach you, an alternative emergency contact number would be very helpful to us.

Please carefully note two things.  One, this is just a request to help us.  If you do not feel comfortable in providing us with an emergency contact number, no worries at all.  Two, if you can provide us with your emergency contact number, this information will always be confidential and only myself and our Parish Administrator Leeann would have this contact list.

So if you feel you can give us an emergency contact number please do so and kindly include your relationship to your contact.  You can either email me ( ) or email Leeann ( ) or just call the office 604-986-1151.

I thank you very much for your consideration on this matter.


On To The Fun Stuff!  

There are a number of recorded services that will be coming up that I would like you to consider being a part of.

The Thanksgiving broadcast will be Sunday, October 11.  I would like you to consider recording a short message of thanks and sending it to me so I can put them on that broadcast.  I know God's grace is never ending, but if you could keep your message to about 30 seconds that would be great.  I hope to get a lot of them!  I would have to have these messages emailed to me by Friday, October 9.

In the weeks ahead, particularly in Advent (December) we will need lots of recorded readings.  Please let me know if you would like to be a part of that.  If you have nerver done this before, but would like to, please contact me and I can talk you through it.  It's easy and fun!

Lastly, for now, we are still looking for volunteer ushers for our in-person services.  If you would like to be one please let me or one of our Wardens know.

Thank you for reading all of this.  Please continue to be safe and God's blessings to you all.

Peace, Patrick