The Rev. Patrick Blaney
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Many people have been working hard and will continue to do so this week in preparing for our first in-person worship service on Sunday, September 20.  I would like to thank this very dedicated team for their talents and hard work.

In order to attend you must register before hand.  There are two very good reasons for this.  One, we obviously need to keep a track of the number of people coming as we can at present only safely accomodate 30 people.  Second, we need to have a record of all who attend in the event we have to provide contact tracing information.

It is very easy to register.  Click on this link and it will take you to the site to register.  Just fill out the information and your spot(s) is / are reserved.  Alternatively you can go to the homepage of our website and register by clicking on the Sunday Service - Register Here section and then click on the link.

You may register for one service or multiple services.  The current list of services go to November 15.  

I would like to thank you in advance very much for your understanding and cooperation in registering. 

Much more information will be coming out next week about the protocols for our in-person worship services.

If you are planning on attending, I look forward to seeing you next week. 

Blessings and Peace to you all, The Rev. Patrick Blaney