The Rev. Patrick Blaney
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Send In Your Pictures Of Dad

Sunday, June 20 this year is Father's Day.  We would like to honour Fathers by showing a picture of them in our recorded service.  Please note that this may be your Father or even a Father like figure in your life.  When you send it, please add your Father's first name (first name only) so I can add it to your picture.

The only way for this to work will be to send your pictures to Patrick by Wetransfer.  Wetransfer is an app that transfers files (in this case your pictures) from one computer to another.  You may click here to go to the Wetransfer app. Once you are on the Wetransfer site you will see a blue circle with  + in it and beside that it says "Add Your Files".  Click on that and then find the picture on your computer that you want to send.  Below it will say "email to" and you add my email address  [email protected]  Then you just click on the "Transfer" sign and you are done. 

If you have any problems please just contact me and I can help. I will need your pictures by Friday, June 18 at the latest.  I look forward to seeing your pictures of your Dad!