The Rev. Patrick Blaney
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With the Provincial Government and the Diocese loosening some restrictions regarding attendance at religious indoor events we have changed some of our Covid Protocols.  Please find them below:

  • We strongly recommend wearing a mask.
  • Greeters will wear masks.
  • We will keep the tape up to keep distancing and to build confidence. 
  • Congregational singing is now okay. 
  • Readers and speakers at the front can remove masks.
  • There will no longer be pr- registration, and no contact tracing.  You may just show up at the door! Yeah!
  • There will be no live Choir singing, rather we will have audio recordings that someone will play through the speakers.  
  • The washrooms are now open and may be used as needed. 
  • The social time will remain outside after the service 
  • We will resume coffe and tea fellowship downstairs in September.
  • Communion will remain as we do it now- the Priest takes it, and people are invited to put hand over heart.
  • The Peace will remain the same way with no contact
  • The offertory will remain the same- plate at the back- no plate passing
     I know that some Churches are serving communion and others are still not even gathering.  What I have decided is to take a cautious approach.  My reasons for this are as follows.
     We are not distributing Communion right now and being cautious in other areas until I get back from my vacation in mid August because I am not yet comfortable with going back to 'normal'.  Some people in our community have not had their second vaccination as yet and even with sanitation and distancing I do not feel completely safe at this point to hand out wafers.  As I say, we can and will reassess that when I am back for Sunday, August 22.
     I recognize and am indeed sensitive to those who would like to partake in Communion now.  However, I would rather err on the side of caution at this point than take a risk, even if a small one, that I feel still exists.  
     I hope this in some way clarifies my decision on Communion and the new protocols and I do take full responsibility in making these decisions.  I have thought about all this this very prayerfully ,and I hope I have chosen the correct way forward for now.
     If you have any questions or concerns please get in contact with me.  I thank you for you patience, understanding and cooperation.  Thank You and blessings to you all!
The Rev. Patrick Blaney