The Rev. Patrick Blaney
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To Everyone In The St. John’s Community  

Dear Friend,              

I hope this letter finds you well and keeping safe.  The St. John’s Reopening Team and St. John’s Parish Council is working toward a possible reopening of our Church on Sunday, September 6, 2020.   We would very much like to know how you are feeling about our return to in-person worship.  If we do reopen on that date we would of course be following all the detailed safety protocols set out by the BCCDC and the Diocese of New Westminster. 

The service itself would be a thirty to forty-minute liturgy of Morning Prayer which would involve readings, prayers of the people, a shortened sermon and one or two hymns sung by a member of the choir.  There would be no congregational singing, no communion, no passing of the plate and no processing at the beginning or the end.  We have arranged the seating for proper physical distancing and would encourage all people to wear a mask and to use hand sanitizer entering and leaving the sanctuary.  Other considerations include the bathrooms being for emergency use only and there will be no gathering of any kind after the service is over.

We will return to Communion services when the Diocese and Parish Council feel it is safe to do so.  Recorded online services and/or live stream services will continue to be available. 

Our plans do depend on how many of you would like to attend such a service. I am kindly asking you to respond to this email by answering one of the following questions for a reopening on Sunday, September 6:  

1)    Yes, I am planning to attend in-person worship

2)    I am still uncertain if I would attend in-person worship

3)    I am not planning on attending in-person worship  

Please be candid in your answer.  You will not hurt my feelings however you respond.  It is actually very important that we know so we can make an appropriate plan, so please do respond.  If you would like to add comments, please do.  I thank you very much for your time and consideration.

Many Blessings to you all.  

Peace, Patrick