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Tell Out My Soul An Advent Calendar

And Zoom Group Study For St. John’s

Please sign-up for a daily email in Advent with stories from people throughout the diocese. How did God meet them in different situations in their lives? The lectionary readings of the Sundays in Advent will inspire the theme for each day's story to be delivered to your inbox.  We will then meet once a week in Advent on Zoom to discuss these stories and our own stories. 

The title of this Advent Calendar is the name of a much-loved hymn, whose first line rings out, "Tell out, my soul the greatness of the Lord." The hymn is a paraphrase of Mary's Magnificat--the song Mary sings during her visit with her cousin Elizabeth. Elizabeth is about to give birth to John the Baptist, and Mary to Jesus. They rejoice together at the surprising new life stirring within them. The song is a promise of God setting the world right side up again (Luke 1:39-55).

Your Emails will begin November 29, 2020.

For our group study during Advent, this calendar can serve as a prompt to tell our own stories. Each week, we will reflect on the questions posed by the lectionary reading to tell stories and discuss what resonated for you in the stories offered in the daily emails.

The group will meet each Sunday of Advent at 2:30pm (Sunday, November 29, December 6, 3 and 20). All you have to do is email me and I will sign you up for daily Advent emails.  [email protected]

Please find attached below the quotes from scripture and the questions for each week.  You do not have to commit to attending the Zoom discussion group each week.  Dropping in is most welcome. If you have any questions regarding this Advent Group Study, please do contact me.

About the contributors   The contributors to this year's calendar are lay people from all over the diocese. They reflect our diversity and the multiplicity of ways that God can meet us in the ordinary and often unsung moments of our lives.

I do hope you join our Advent Group Study.

The Rev. Patrick Blaney