This Week's Announcements

This Week's Announcements


Parish news and events:


Many of our regular programs are ending for the summer and will return in the fall.

Mother Goose - returns September 11

Midweek Meditation & Prayer - returns in September

Friday Contemplative Prayer group - returns September 8

Sounds of Silence - returns September 25

QMFLP Wednesday program - returns October 4

QMFLP Thursday program - returns October 5

Tuesday Exercise Class - check back in September

St. John’s Choir & Kids Choir - September

Coffee, Tea, and Conversation -  ? check back


(Group leaders - please remember to let the office know the dates for your group!)


Juanita’s news!!! Updated!

It is with great pleasure that we have a significant announcement regarding Juanita’s journey to becoming our new Deacon.  The Venerable Bruce Morris, the Archdeacon for Deacons in our Diocese, has contacted me and said that everything is in place for Juanita to be ordained next year at about this time.  A part of this process is Juanita being placed at a church other than ours for nine months.  This is to give her a chance to learn from other clergy and laity and to get valuable feedback from a parish quite different form our own.  

Bruce has told me that Juanita has already been placed, and in September sometime she will be going to St James Anglican Church on the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver.  This will be an amazing opportunity for Juanita to learn from a notedly Anglo-Catholic tradition as well as from the many wonderful and challenging outreach program St James offers to its parishioners and the community of the Downtown Eastside.

We will have a very special send off for Juanita sometime in September before she leaves.  Please continue to keep Juanita in your prayers.  While we will miss her greatly for the nine months we are blessed by the grace of God to know that when she comes back to us she will be The Reverend Juanita Clark, Deacon in the Church of God.  Blessings and God speed Juanita!

The Reverend Patrick Blaney



Reception: St. John's is excited to be hosting a Reception to celebrate the imminent arrival of Carla & Phil Colvin's first child (due in early August). The Reception will be held in St. John's lounge, immediately following the July 23, 2017 church service.  We hope you can attend!

If you have any questions, please contact Juanita Clark, Alison Brookfield or Avis Robinson.



Parish Administrator: It is rare to make an important announcement that is at the same time both sad and joyful, but this is one of those occasions.  Eleanor, our wonderful Parish Administrator, has announced that she will be leaving St John’s Church in mid August.  While we will miss her greatly because of her outstanding work for us, and I will miss her personally for her knowledge, dedication and friendship. Eleanor will be expanding her private practice as a Clinical Counsellor. 

Eleanor joined us four years ago (I can’t believe how that time flew!), and has been a very hard working and talented Parish Administrator.  In that time she has helped with and been instrumental in many projects including the new website, revising the look and liturgy of the bulletin, learning new bookkeeping procedures and many others.  I would like to thank Eleanor on behalf of all of you for her years of exceptional service to our community, as well as wish her all the very best in her new journey.  We are hoping Eleanor will be able to join us on the Sunday of her last week with us so you will be able to join me in thanking her personally.

The Rev. Patrick Blaney



Online Sermon Recordings: Miss a Sunday service?  Here is the link to the page where you can listen to recent sermons.

Audio Sermons

Please let us know what you think, and we hope that you enjoy this feature on our website.


Diocesan and Community news and events:


Canadian Red Cross Babysitting Course

St. Andrew’s United Church, 1044 St. George’s Avenue, North Vancouver

Babysitting in a Day is an interactive and fun course that teaches youth aged 11 to 15 years the business of babysitting. Learn the responsibilities of a babysitter, how to get along and care for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and school-aged children, and how to handle emergencies and provide basic first aid. Course dates: Monday, July 10; Saturday, July 15; Friday, July 21; Tuesday, July 25; Friday, August 4; Tuesday, August 8; and Saturday, August 12, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm @ St. Andrew’s United Church, 1044 St. George’s Avenue at 10th Street in North Vancouver. Cost: $60 (includes the Canadian Red Cross Babysitter’s Manual and Completion certificate). For more information see To register: 604-988-8835 or email