Stewardship & Giving

Stewardship can be defined as the giving of one's time, talent and resources to aid in the mission of God.  As a community St. John's has a number very dedicated volunteers who give their time and tallent to run the programs we do and who help in our worship services.  In fact, we could not do what we do without them.  In this modern world, however, we also are in need of financial resources to run our programs that help so many.  We are a registered charity with the government of Canada and as such your contributions are partially tax deductable.

Please help us continue the mission of God with your generous contribution.  On behalf of everyone at St John's and those who use our programs we thank you for your kind consideration. 

Click here to read about community programs supported by your charitable donations.

Click here to read more about just a few of the ways we help to care for the wider community and our world.

Your contribution to these or any of the other ongoing work of the church is greatly appreciated!

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