Would You Like To Help?

Here Are Some Of The Volunteer Opportunities At St. John's
Hospitality & Fellowship Group: Want to help on our fun events?  All men and women volunteers are welcome! Come and chat with Linda, Alison or Raili at coffee hour after the service. We have many volunteer opportunities and are also looking for:
Coordinator of Special Celebrations - Liaise with Patrick and the families to organize funeral receptions with respect to organizing lounge set up, coffee, tea, dishes and clean up volunteers; organize purchasing of cakes for Sunday baptisms or wedding celebrations for parishioners.
There are also many other opportunities for volunteers here at St. John's Church.  If you feel the calling to become involved in worship services (and we hope you do!), please talk to or phone Patrick our Priest (604-986-1151), and he would be delighted to discuss this with you and help place you where your time and talents would best be realized.  The church has always and still does rely upon the wonderful and valuable work of our volunteers and we would love you to join our team.