The Rev. Patrick Blaney
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Another successful Choir-to-Go event!

It was so wonderful to be a part of such an important celebration as Ann and Bruce’s 50th anniversary.  Family and friends were gathered to share pictures, memories and plenty of cake!!  I met Bruce’s identical brother, (whom I actually thought was Bruce for a BRIEF moment). Susan kicked off the event by sharing some wonderful stories from the wedding she attended as a teenager, making sure to remind them how she gave up her weekly Saturday afternoon in the local ice cream shop to come and sing :) Then, joined by their totally cute young grandchildren, we began a rousing sing-a-long of church songs and the lovey-lovely-love tunes picked out by the choir specifically for Ann and Bruce (we needed some young blood in the choir!).  As a special request from Ann, we included Love Divine, All Loves Excelling, which was originally sung by the choir at their wedding those years ago.  We even tried out our cockney accents with one of the crowd favourites Wouldn’t it be Loverly from My Fair LadyPlenty of laughter, tom-foolery and good times even prompted one of the Catholic attendees to tell us it was entertaining enough to make him want to switch churches!!  (our master plan)

It was such a great afternoon and I know I speak for the whole choir when I say and we were truly privileged to be able to share this special time with Ann and Bruce and make even more memories for the future.

Christie Smith

Choir Director