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It is with sadness that the community of St John's has learned of the passing of The Rev. Tess Meadows.  Tess was a very well loved and respected leader in our community for twenty-five years.  In October of 2007, our Wardens Alison and Maria co-wrote a letter of thanks to Tess for her many years of service.  We reprint it here as a fitting tribute to this remarkable person.

Dear Tess:  

On behalf of the people of the Parish of St. John’s, we are writing to extend our heartfelt thanks to you for your rich ministry in our church over the last twenty-five years. So many of us in the parish have been touched by your warmth, caring and kindness that is rooted in your strong faith.  

In these few words, we cannot begin to express the breadth of your ministry among us. You have inspired teachers in the Sunday School, cared for our children, led Bible study groups, preached at worship, prayed with the sick and ministered to our seniors. More precious is your quiet, loving presence. You welcome us with smiles and hugs. You have been a rock for those who have needed a listening ear when times are tough. You have reached out in solidarity to those who are homeless and refugees. In our journey together, you have lived out your faith as Jesus did - in loving and respectful relationships.  

We were thrilled to support your vocation to become a Deacon and blessed that you chose St. John’s for your ministry. Through your “Tess in Mission” experience in Belize, you inspired us to see that each one of us can make such a difference in the world by living out our faith.  

In so many ways, we are thankful and deeply honoured that we have been so blessed by your ministry. There will always be a place for you at St. John’s as you are a part of our life and witness. May God be with you as you move and settle into life with your family in Minnedosa. We will think of you often and look forward to seeing you on your visits to North Vancouver in the years ahead.

Sincerely, Alison and Maria

All of us at St John's extend our heartfelt prayers to Tess' family and friends.  Please note St John's will be having a memorial service for Tess on Saturday, October 10, 2015 at 2:00pm.

May Tess rest in peace and may God embrace Her loving and faithful servant.  Amen.