Why St John's?

Why St. John’s ? 

This is a question I often face when people learn that I attend church.  It’s the same question I’ve often asked myself over the nearly thirty years I have been a member of this community.  Here is my response.

St.John’s is a place where spirituality flourishes in its dimensions of community service, pastoral care, celebration and spiritual growth.

Since my arrival I have been continually impressed with the strong ethic of service this community has demonstrated since its inception nearly 115 years ago.  It has been a place of welcome for all people and it has been the ultimate come as you are party.  Single mothers, partnered or not, persons with addictions, gay or straight, the committed and the questioning are all welcomed here.  Everyone is welcomed to participate in activities that generate funds that are returned to the improvement of the community.  But if all someone wants to do is attend worship; that’s fine too.

The people have always rallied to care for and assist one another when the windstorms of life arrive and to celebrate with one another to mark accomplishments and special occasions.   No one has to be alone to make it through tough times.  When help is needed, help is available.  Sometimes it is spiritual help and sometimes very practical help.

Spirits are nourished here.  Spiritual growth and development is supported at whatever pace is right for you.  This is a place where you are encouraged to question and ask the challenging questions…….. or not.    Meditation, silence, prayer, discussion, dialogue, reading and teaching are all available as and if you want them.   There is amazing music that nourishes everyone through participation or through enjoyment.  There is fun too.  Children of all ages are welcome and their joyful noise is celebrated.

This is what St. John’s has meant for me.    If you are questioning; if other church experiences have been negative or if you are simply curious; please come and check us out.  We’d love to meet you..