I Have Been Here For A Long Time

I’ve been in the Anglican church for 77 years, that I remember, since I was born.  My first church was St. Saviours, at Semlin and lst Avenue inVancouver.  There I joined the choir when I was 8 and remained until I was married at 24.  Through the poetry of the hymns, I learned very early on of the love of God.  And singing praise back to Him, was a mainstay in my life.  I came to St. John’s in 1959, 2 months before my first child was born.  So both my children were baptized and confirmed here.  Michele was married here and as she says, there’s only one more step now.

During my years here, through 9 or more different priests and assistant priests I’ve experienced many changes, mostly periods of great growth, but several periods when we thought we would be closing.  But somehow St. John’s, though quiet and unassuming, defies defeat and quietly and strongly it keeps appearing on the map again.  It seems the soul of St. John’s, which is quite different from all the other churches, has a strength which no one expects of it.  I believe at times even the diocese has doubted us, but we continue to surprise them.  St. John’s was at one time known to be the friendliest church on the North shore.   But there were times, when our soul was tired and newcomers probably didn’t realize that we needed their strength and they would come and go.

I believe it takes time to really belong.  This comes with working together, praying together and playing together.  I know that this was the recipe forall the happiness, love, care, friendship and support that St. John’s has given me over the years.  And for that I am eternally grateful.