What St John's Mean To Me

When Margaret and I joined St. Johns in 2003, we were captivated by the glorious music of Galina and the choir.  We were deeply touched by the kindness of the congregation to us, who were strangers coming from the other side of the world.  Gradually over the years, we have become involved with various duties, which have made us feel part of the loving family that is St. John’s.  All these duties are a labour of love, and bring with them great joy to our lives, as we forge strong bonds of friendship with our fellow volunteers.  There are many social gatherings held throughout the year, and it is most delightful to have a cup of tea or to enjoy a great meal and to have fun and fellowship with each other.  Of course the most important thing of all is to visit the house of our Lord every Sunday, and to worship our Maker with gratitude and to absorb the age old wisdom from the bible. The sermons delivered delivered by Patrick are excellent and have given us much food for thought.