Online Morning Prayer - Every Weekday At 9:00AM

Please Join Us Online For Morning Prayer

As St John's we are offering an online Morning Prayer Group every weekday, Monday to Friday.  All you need to is to click on Events and find the day of the week you are looking for and click on it for more information.

If you don't have a computer you can also join in by phone.  Just go to the day in Events and find the number to phone and the ID number you will need to join in the group.

Please note you do not have to join the online group inorder to have your Morning Prayer.  You can just go to the day on the week in Events and click on Downloads at the bottom of the page and you can read and do the Morning Prayer by yourself. 

In order to join our online group there are the few things you will have to do first.  Don't worry, it's easy.  I know because I did it!

1)  Google Zoom and click on their website

2) Click the Sign Up For Free button

3) Write in your email address and click Sign Up

4) Zoom will then send you an email and click on the blue link in that email

5) When the Zoom screen comes up again enter your name and choose a password, then click Sign In

6) It will ask you if you want to invite colleagues.  You can if you like, or click the I'm Not a Bot box and then click on next step

7)  You are done.  Zoom will send you another email with instructions on how to join a meeting.

So, let's say it's Monday.  Click on your Zoom app to open it.  Then click on Join Meeting.  Then add in the ID Number which can be found on the website in the events section and under the heading ST John's Monday Morning PrayerIf you don't have a computer you can also join by phone.  Again just fine St John's Monday Morning Prayer and it will give you the number to join by phone.

This may sound like a lot, but once you are signed up you will get the hang of it quite easily.  I promise.  I look forward to seeing you all on Monday Morning!


Peace, Patrick