Long, Long Night Of Hope

Helping The Homeless In Our Community

St. John’s Anglican Church in North Vancouver is proud of our annual The Long, Long Night of Hope, a fundraiser in support of The Lookout Emergency Aid Society Shelter on the North Shore!

The homelessness count is in, and the number of people living on the streets or in shelters has gone up by 30% in just three years.  On top of that, an estimated one-third of all homeless people live in their cars, unable to afford the skyrocketing housing costs in the Lower Mainland.  These people need our help, and The Long, Long Night of Hope is one way you can get involved!

In the past few years, we raised over $100,000.00 by spending a long, cold night sleeping in our cars or on pews of St. John’s Anglican Church, raising money and awareness for the homelessness crisis in our community.