Pastoral Care


There are four different ways that St. John’s is involved in pastoral care:

Small groups – many of our small groups have a social and prayer life that enriches the lives of members of this community – there is a strong acknowledgement that all of us are in process and our daily lives are strongest when we are in a community that listens and cares about us. It is a good thing to get outside of ourselves and beyond the life of television and rediscover friends.

Individual counseling - is available at St. John’s. The principal counsellor is The Reverend Patrick Blaney. Patrick will meet with people who have specific spiritual/personal needs to listen to their story and provide guidance, as he is able. Sometimes just listening with understanding will suffice; and, with others, a suggestion of an appropriate resource which may help, is required.

Institutional care – St. John’s is involved in visiting individuals in 7 institutions on the north Shore. We have a team called the Seniors Ministry Team who schedule visits, and also deliver communion, to individuals who are shut-in. The clergy and laity of the parish participate in worship services in these facilities. We also participate in the on-call pastoral ministry at Lions Gate Hospital.

Support – St. John’s is a down-town parish that has many transient people. Thirty to forty times a year we support individuals who are only in the community for days or weeks. Sometimes there are individuals who participate fully in our community and others only require a day or two of work to get on their feet. Whoever these individuals are, we welcome them into the community for their short stay.