Sounds of Silence Prayer Group

Sounds of Silence is a group of women that meets weekly from September to May to study how to make the longest journey from the head to the heart. There is a long history of contemplative traditions within Christianity that has been lost under the tsunami of information and tasks that make up our daily lives. We live in our heads, constantly thinking, judging and evaluating. The noise gets so loud it is exhausting and we long for the time to reflect and contemplate. Prayer has become talking to God on behalf of ourselves or others. We have forgotten that prayer also happens in the meditative silence when we can still our busy minds so we can hear God.

Members gather to learn about contemplative prayer, lectio divina, journaling and other aids to enhance our prayer lives. To learn more about ourselves, we work through The Handbook of Practical Wisdom written by Lynn Bauman and other books that enhance our understanding of ourselves and spirit. Other texts such as The Cup of Our Life and Boundless Compassion by Joyce Rupp are also studied. The course involves homework, meditation practice, and the willingness to share our discoveries and questions with others in the group. It is a progressive program that increases learning throughout the year so new members are welcomed every September. The group then remains closed until May.

Whether we live alone or in a busy family, it can be difficult to find the time and the silence to reflect on ourselves and the challenges of our lives. Sometimes when we sit down, we simply fall asleep. Contemplative prayer enables us to sit in silence in the presence of God creating the space for God to speak to us. It enables us to grow spiritually.

“She who looks outside dreams

She who looks inside awakens”

Carl Jung

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