The Rev. Patrick Blaney
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A number of people recently received this email claiming to be from Patrick:

Dear XXXX,

I hope this email reaches you well. Currently tied up in a meeting, I regret being unable to call. Could you kindly reply to this email at your earliest convenience? Your prompt response would be highly appreciated.

Best regards,

Rev. Patrick Blaney

This is a scam!  If you ever receive an email from Patrick or anyone else from the Church and it looks odd to you, please contact Patrick as soon as you can.  Also look carefully at the email sender.  If it is not Patrick's email exactly, he did not send it.  The email from this scammer was very different than mine.  If the email does not show, treat it as a scam as well.

Unfortunately there is very little we can do to stop such scams, so we just have to be very careful and vigilant.  If you have any questions, please contact Patrick.  Thank you and please read and check your emails very carefully.