The Rev. Patrick Blaney
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Quiet Day - September 30, 2023

St. John’s Hospitality and Fellowship Team is happy to invite you to take some quiet time for yourself on Saturday, September 30, which is also Truth and Reconciliation Day. The entire church has been reserved for the day, and you can come and relax, meditate, walk the labyrinth, and more.

Think of Quiet Day as a mini-Silent Retreat. While planning is still underway, we will have a guided, contemplative meditation and we will keep Truth and Reconciliation top of mind. For most of the day, you are invited to stay silent and be one with the Holy Spirit. Meditative crafts, like colouring mandalas and beading Anglican rosaries, will be available and are often useful for finding focus. Speak to Alison Brookfield and/or Donna Lawrence for more details.