The Rev. Patrick Blaney
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It is with great pleasure that we have a significant announcement regarding Juanita’s journey to becoming our new Deacon.  The Venerable Bruce Morris, the Archdeacon for Deacons in our Diocese, has contacted me and said that everything is in place for Juanita to be ordained next year at about this time.  A part of this process is Juanita being placed at a church other than ours for nine months.  This is to give her a chance to learn from other clergy and laity and to get valuable feedback from a parish quite different form our own.  

Bruce has told me that Juanita has already been placed, and in September sometime she will be going to St James Anglican Church on the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver.  This will be an amazing opportunity for Juanita to learn from a notedly Anglo-Catholic tradition as well as from the many wonderful and challenging outreach program St James offers to its parishioners and the community of the Downtown Eastside.

We will have a very special send off for Juanita sometime in September before she leaves.  Please continue to keep Juanita in your prayers.  While we will miss her greatly for the nine months we are blessed by the grace of God to know that when she comes back to us she will be The Reverend Juanita Clark, Deacon in the Church of God.  Blessings and God speed Juanita!

The Reverend Patrick Blaney