The Rev. Patrick Blaney
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We are very happy to launch our first video Sunday Service.  You can watch it whenever you like.  There are two ways to watch it.  The slightly simpler way is to click on the link here.  The second is to go to "Sermons" on the home page and click on "Audio Sermons" and then again click on the first sermon there.

 I would like to thank Christie for her amazing work to make this happen in a very short period of time.  One week ago we were worshiping together, and one week later it is almost like a different world.  A great deal has happend and I would like to thank all involved who made this possible.

Your feedback is really important.  This is our first broadcast and I would very much welcome your comments and suggestions on how we might do it better.  It was our first try and done with a rush deadline, so perhaps be gentle in criticisms at first, but I really do value your thoughts and want to here from you.  [email protected] 

One comment I have already rceived is that it will be a comfort in sharing the Eucharist together.  You will notice that is not in this broadcast.  At present I don't think we can share the Eucharist online.  However, I think it is a very interesting and engaging theological question and one I will be pursuing with the Archbishop in the days to come.  I actually like the idea of you sitting in front of your tablet or computer with your piece of bread and wine, and sharing the Eucharist together.  I will let you know.

My sisters and brothers in Christ as we continue to walk this unique and remarkable path together, please know that we are united and bound together in love.  It is the love of Christ that sustains us and feeds us and guides us to all that is.  Thank you God.


Blessings to you all, Patrick