The Rev. Patrick Blaney
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The following people have been elected to Parish Council:

Warden and Associate Delegate to Synod:  Yasmine Bia

Warden and Alternate Delegate to Synod:  Alison Brookfield

Treasurer and Alternate Delegate to Synod:  Bob Hardy

Corresponding Secretary and Delegate to Synod:  Linda Harrison 

Members at Large:            Chris de Beaupre

                                          Maria Morellato                                               

                                          John Spender                                                

                                          Christine Williams

Youth Delegate to Synod:  Vacant

Regional Planning Group Representative:  Raili Mazurek 

Trustees For 2022

 Wardens:                    Yasmine Bia                                    

                                    Alison Brookfield

Delegates to Synod:    Linda Harrison                                    

                                    Yasmine Bia

Alternate Delegates to Synod:         Bob Hardy                                    

                                                         Alison Brookfield                                                            

Youth Delegate to Synod:                Vacant 

I would like to thank all who attended our Annual Vestry Meeting and those who have put themsleves forward in roles of leadership for our Church.  Congratulations and thanks again!

The Rev. Patrick Blaney

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