The Rev. Patrick Blaney
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First of all, thank you so much to all of you for supporting us in the first Long, Long Night of Hope fundraiser, raising money for The Lookout Society's shelter in North Vancouver.  As I type this, our donation total online is $5645, and I know there is more to add to that from individual donations that were not processed through the online site. 

At this point, we have:

Sleeping in their cars:

  • Donna
  • Alison
  • Kate
  • Raili

Sleeping in the sanctuary:

  • Patrick
  • Yasmine
  • Christie

There may be others who join us (Hazel mentioned she wants to) who are not raising funds - we welcome anyone who wants to participate! The Long, Long Night of Hope is about raising funds AND about raising awareness, and more people means more publicity!  

Note: I need to let the RCMP know how many people will be sleeping in their cars, so reply to this email if you plan to join us, and let us know if you are sleeping in the church or in your car.

Here is the plan for the Weekend:


  • 8pm - main front doors to the church open (AA is gathering in the lounge, so please come through the doors upstairs only)
  • 8pm-9pm - Participants, friends and family, supporters are welcome to arrive 
    • Please park in the church parking lot off Chesterfield Ave
    • The earlier you are, the more choice you have in selecting your sleeping location for the night
    • Anyone dropping of breakfast food is welcome to bring it at this time if they don't want to come early in the morning; again, deliver it upstairs, and we will take the food downstairs after 9pm when AA is finished
  • 9pm-10pm - Gathering for fun and fellowship, including:
    • Taking pictures to share on social media
    • Sharing our stories - why is this important to you?
    • Making sure everyone has what they need
    • Discussing the logistics - ensuring everyone is safe and has access to the church
    • Singing?  Why not!  If we had a ukulele and or a guitar, we could sing a little before bed!
  • 10pm - Prayer before bed (Donna) and blessing over participants (Patrick)
  • 10:15 - visitors leave, participants get ready for bed
  • 10:45 - lights out
  • Through the night: without disturbing anyone, participants continue to share their experience on social media - tweet it, email selfies, do Facebook Live from their car... letting their supporters know what it's like to take part in The Long, Long Night of Hope!  And hopefully, get some sleep, too!!


  • 8am - Volunteers start the coffee, set up breakfast
  • 8:30am - Continental breakfast - everyone welcome!
  • 9:30 - Prepare for worship service
  • 10am - Sunday Service with focus on celebrating the success of our event, and celebrating giving back to the community
    • I am still awaiting confirmation that Bailey Mumford from Lookout Society will attend Sunday morning and speak for about 5 minutes

Please feel free to share this email with anyone who may want to attend any or all of The Long, Long Night of Hope 2017 with us.  

Thank you so much for your support!!!


Thank you!

Donna, on behalf of

The Long, Long Night of Hope

St. John's Anglican Church, North Vancouver