The Rev. Patrick Blaney
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Robin Celiz-Rudder at St Martin’s is trying to start a Regional Parish Nurse Program. He is hoping to set up a steering committee that can help support him in building this new program in the region. He is therefore looking for:

1) One person in your congregation who would be willing to serve on this program.

2) Registered Nurses from within our congregation who would be willing to volunteer as a parish nurse in the region. 

People interested in the Steering Committee may or may not be registered nurses. At this point, people serving as Parish Nurses will need to be Registered Nurses. 

Over the next couple of weeks Robin is hoping to circulate a brochure that will describe the program in more detail and how people may be able to access the services of the program. 

For any questions please contact Robin at St Martin’s. 604-985-5919